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What is a Tincture?

What is an Herbal Tincture? 

First of all, even though it looks similar, a tincture is not made from essential oils. In short, tinctures are liquid herbal extracts. You can think of it as taking a dietary supplement in liquid form instead of in pills. They are more potent that herbs taken in capsules and so are an ideal way to take dietary supplements. 

How do I use a Tincture?What is a Tincture?

Our tinctures come in glass bottles that include a dropper. You simply squirt 2-3 droppers full directly into your mouth, or you can add it to water or juice, if you prefer.  

What is in a Tincture?

Tinctures are herbal extracts made in some type of a base. Alcohol is by far the most common base that is used because it has a very long shelf life, thus making it convenient for mass manufacturers. Other than having a long shelf life, though, alcohol is not an ideal base. In all of our tinctures, we use vegetable glycerin, which, unlike alcohol, is safe for people with candida and other yeast-related conditions -  and it tastes delicious naturally. 

Capsules vs Tinctures

Some products are better taken as capsules, but most are better taken as a tincture because they are more easily digested than capsules - meaning that tinctures are typically more potent.

Some of our products, such as Warrior and our Pituitary Blend are available only in capsule form. This is because Warrior is an extremely spicy tincture and is difficult for people to take. Since you can swallow a capsule without having to taste it, it made more sense for us to put Warrior into a capsule. Similarly, our Pituitary Blend tastes like seaweed and some people don't like the flavor - so we put it into a capsule for the sake of convenience. 

Most of our other products are offered as tinctures because, again, they are more potent and bioavailable that way. 

Why don't I see Tinctures more often?

The one reason why you see capsules on store shelves far more often than tinctures is simple - tinctures, being liquid, weigh more than capsules. Even though they are more potent, they cost more to ship and so most retailers rely more on capsules. 

Do you have any other questions? 

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