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About us

Who Is Behind Khroma?

We wanted pure, clean, organic products that are not being stored in plastics. We wanted to know that our supplements actually contain what they say they do. We wanted to know that the herbs were carefully sourced from the best organic farms - because we want the best for our own family. We couldn't find anything that met our high standards, so we created it.

We didn't know what a long journey it would be to get us to where we are now but we are glad we did it. We can truly say that we believe our products are the best in the world. When you do everything right, it just feels better.

We have 3 kids and a dog and we've been happily married for almost 20 years. Health is one of our passions and so Khroma is a perfect business for us. Every product we produce is something that we created for ourselves - then, we share it with the world.

One thing that brings us a lot of joy is that everyone that works for our company LOVES our products and takes them regularly. So, when you buy something from us, you know that the people that made it are also taking it themselves and are giving it to their families.

Sincerely, from our family to yours, we hope you can feel the love in our supplements and can enjoy the experience of our truly unique products.

- Connor and Renae Southworth
Founders, Khroma Herbal Products

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