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orange marigold used to make calendula cream

How to Use Calendula Cream (+ Why You Should)

If you read the title and thought “Calendula cream? What is that?”

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Calendula cream is one of those amazing products with largely untapped potential. But to the few who know about it, it’s an invaluable substance.

We want everyone to benefit from its versatile, healthful properties, so let us introduce you to calendula.

What Is Calendula?

Calendula is a genus that contains the popular marigold family. But it’s not just the one flower that we decorate our gardens with. Instead, the genus includes roughly 15 to 20 different pot marigolds with the most popular being the Calendula officinalis.  

orange marigolds and calendula oil

Calendula oil is distilled from the tops of the flowers and is known for its rather sticky, viscous consistency. It also happens to be an all-natural, yet potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Benefits of Calendula Cream

Calendula’s value lies in its versatility, and one of the easiest ways to enjoy its many uses is as a cream.

One of its more helpful benefits is its ability to help wounds heal faster. This is partially due to its anti-inflammatory properties but also because of its antioxidant power.

Calendula cream has also been shown to boost blood flow to skin cells, leading to healthier looking skin. It even possesses some anti-tumor properties, making it a lead player in new cancer research.

As you can see, this cream can be extremely beneficial. That paired with its versatility is enough to earn a spot in anyone’s medicine cabinet.  

Ways to Use Calendula Cream

Now that you know how effective it is, here are some easy ways you can incorporate it into your regimen.

  1. Diaper Rash

Calendula cream makes a gentle and soothing balm for diaper rash. Because of its naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it soothes even the most sensitive skin that’s inflamed.

Plus, since it’s all natural, calendula cream is safe for use on those tender bottoms, quickly and safely clearing up diaper rash.

  1. Burn Relief Cream

Combining calendula’s healing properties and antibacterial nature with the power of simple herbs like comfrey leaf and lavender essential oil, you can create a soothing burn salve.

This type of calendula-infused salve would take the sting out of splashes from the stove or a raging sunburn.  Thanks to calendula’s antifungal, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, it increases oxygen flow to wounds, which speeds up the healing process.

  1. Herbal Lip Balm

With so many wonderful healing properties, it’s no surprise that calendula cream makes an effective lip balm as well. If you have dry, chapped lips from winter weather, a calendula-infused lip balm may be just what the doctor ordered.

  1. Razor Burn

Whether shaving your face or your legs, no one likes razor burn. We’ve all dealt with it, but with calendula cream on hand, you can soothe razor burn in a matter of moments. 

someone rubbing calendula cream on their skin

  1. Minor Cuts and Scrapes

Similar in its ability to treat burns, calendula is also effective in healing minor cuts and scrapes. Because of those aforementioned antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, calendula cream could easily replace chemical-based antibiotic ointments. As with everything though, always consult your physician for the best advice.


If you choose to lead a natural, healthy lifestyle, calendula cream can be a complete powerhouse with the ability to treat a variety of issues.

It’s truly one of those multipurpose creams that we should have on-hand at all times.

It was calendula’s gentle, effective nature that drew us to it in our search for a safe, soothing diaper rash cream for babies. We want the best for our little ones and yours, so only safe, natural ingredients were used.

Besides calendula, our Baby Smile Diaper Balm features soothing ingredients like chamomile flowers, lavender, shea butter and more – all organic, all vegan and all natural.

Whether you have a little one or not, calendula cream in general is a must-have. Consider adding it to your collection of natural remedies today!