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4 Natural Remedies to Stop Hay Fever in Its Tracks

4 Natural Remedies to Stop Hay Fever in Its Tracks

August. It's known for its back-to-school bustle and scorching heat.

What this month isn't so famous for? Allergies. While it is true that spring is notorious for upsetting sinuses, weed pollen levels actually peak in August and September, causing bouts of hay fever for allergy sufferers everywhere.

If you happen to find yourself sniffling and sneezing this season, here are some easy and natural ways to treat hay fever.

1. Rinse with a Netti Pot

Netti pot used to relieve allergy symptoms naturally

If you've never tried a netti pot before, you're depriving your sinuses of a new best friend. As simple, time-tested irrigation devices, netti pots are used to clear sinus cavities of debris, including pollen. If you use it regularly, you'll not only flush out any irritants before they have time to settle in, but you'll also keep your sinuses nice and moist, cutting down on the amount of mucus you produce. When it comes to fighting pollen, netti pots are most effective when used in the morning and after spending an extended amount of time outdoors.

2. Take a Stinging Nettle Supplement

Stinging nettle for treating allergies naturally

Antihistamines are the go-to remedy for allergy sufferers, but for those who want to relieve allergy symptoms naturally, stinging nettle is a highly effective alternative. Acting in the same way as traditional antihistamines, this herb naturally hinders the body's ability to produce histamine without any troublesome side effects. For medicinal purposes, stinging nettle is most commonly used as a freeze-dried extract in capsule form, and the suggested daily dosage for allergy relief is 300 milligrams.

3. Consume Allergy-Fighting Foods

Flaxseed oil used as a natural remedy for allergies

Hay fever symptoms occur when pollen irritates and inflames your sinuses. If you take a proactive approach in fighting inflammation, you can nip allergy symptoms in the bud and recover much faster. One simple way to fight inflammation naturally is by consuming foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids such as walnuts and flaxseed oil. You can also add natural decongestants to your diet like chili peppers, hot mustard or horseradish. In addition to adjusting your diet, you can take an herbal anti-inflammation supplement like this one to give your body everything it needs to fight hay fever naturally.

4. Focus on Your Filters

Man changing filter to prevent allergies naturally

A crucial part of protecting against outdoor pollutants like pollen is to improve the quality of your indoor air. One way you can do this is by swapping out the filters of your most used household systems. These can include everything from HVAC units to vacuum cleaners, and you should replace their filters every 3 months or so. Also, take advantage of nature's green filters by adding houseplants in key areas of your home. They'll help purify the air you breathe and double as home decor in the process. Consider plants like peace lilies, aloe vera and Boston ferns that are known for removing environmental toxins.

If you battle seasonal allergies, give these natural remedies a shot and let us know how they helped you. If you have any other ideas for natural ways to treat hay fever, let us know in the comments below!